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حصريا تحميل لعبه المغامرات الرائعه king's quest 4+5+6 تحميل مباشر

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king's quest 4+5+6

Life is easy in the magical kingdom of Daventry, at least so long as the
  Graham family is at its helm. The wonderful, surreal land, filled with
  fantasy creatures and untold wonders, is just waiting to reveal its 
secrets to you, if you so wish. Take part in the adventure of Princess 
Rosella, trying to save her father from certain death. Help the brave 
King retake his family and castle from the hands of the ruthless wizard
Mordack, then join Prince Alexander in finding and saving his 
significant other in the Land of the Green Isles.

Discover the  story behind three titles from the King's Quest saga - one
of the most  famous adventure game series released by Sierra. Let
yourself become  enthralled by the incredible atmosphere created by
Roberta Williams, who  drew inspiration from fairy tales and stories
like The Beauty and the  Beast, Baba Yaga and many more. The Grahams
need your help, so don't  fear, brave adventurer, and embark on a
journey of your dreams.

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يعطيك العافيه ياااااارب..
تسلم أيدك ع الطرح الرائع
بانتظارجديدك بكل شوق

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