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تحميل اللعبة الممتعه والرائعة jagged alliance deadly games تحميل مباشر

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jagged alliance deadly games

The enemy is on the run. One more mortar shell should take them out.
Still, you have to blow up the bridge by sundown, and Postie is starting
to talk to himself again. Maybe you shouldn't let him keep that

Lock and load: it's time for Deadly Games. From the makers of Jagged
Alliance, 1995's Game of the Year (Power Play magazine) comes the
multiplayer strategy game chambered with new features.

More ways to play. Play the new solo campaign or choose multiplayer
mode via your network connection. More power. The included scenario
editor provides infinite replay ability. Create your own maps, traps
and enemies. Use the campaign editor to create your own deadly games.
More mercenaries. Choose from 70 different mercs, including 10 new ones -
plus all 60 of the original Jagged Alliance mercs. More weapons. Fun
new war toys include mortars, grenade launchers, boobytrap kits and
more! More terrain. Skirmish through jungles, deserts, towns and frozen

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يعطيك العافيه ياااااارب..
تسلم أيدك ع الطرح الرائع
بانتظارجديدك بكل شوق

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