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تحميل لعبة Hitman: Absolution - Professional Edition + 11 DLC v1.0.444.0

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Hitman: Absolution - ProfessionalEdition + 11 DLC v1.0.444.0 (2012/MULTi8/Repack by Fenixx)
2012 | PC | Developer: IO Interactive | Publisher: Square Enix | 10.35GB
Language * : Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish
Language voice ** : Russian , English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish
Genre: Action \ TPS \ Stealth
On the back of his head - a special barcode. Over his head turned a
hunt. Behind him should the police, his life is not worth a penny, but
it - a special assignment. And woe to those who stand in his way!

legendary silent assassin Agent 47 returns in Hitman Absolution, to
strike again. Together with the inexorable character Hitmen fans have to
make a terrible journey to the outskirts of the criminal world, steeped
in treachery, corruption, and the blood of innocents. For the money, it
can afford anything. And for a lot of money - and all the rest.

" Cutting edge technology Glacier 2 ™️: Hitman: Absolution, built on it from scratch, offering cinematic history, unique visuals and a unique gaming and sound design.
" Treatment of contracts: Create your own masterpieces, choosing the
level, aim, weapons and conditions killings brand new multiplayer modes.
Create the contract can be shared with friends or the whole community
Hitman, and the money for their implementation will allow to open or
create a new weapon, amplifiers and camouflage.
" Freedom of choice: Stalk your prey, burst with fight or mask as long
as possible. In the role of Agent 47 the choice is yours, thanks to the
expanded game mechanics and incredible artificial intelligence.
" Feel the living world: In Hitman:Absolution
every moment can turn into a story with unique characters, rich
dialogue and events Hollywood swing, giving nothing on similar gaming

Features Professional Edition:
* Improved muffler.
* Laser sights.
* The newest model pistol Jagd P22G Agency.
* Powerful high-caliber submachine gun HX UMP Agency.
* Shattering SPS 12 semi-automatic shotgun Agency.

Features Repack:
- It is based on license from New Disk -
* Audio quality 100%
* Video quality is 100%
* Exclusive installer
* Installation of additional Soft'a (DirectX)
* All the way registry maintained
* Start the game through the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
* Installation requires 512 MB of RAM
* Approximate install time 16 minutes (a, s)
* V 1.0.438.0
* V 1.0.444.0
* Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Handgun
* Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Disguise
* Krugermeier 2-2 Gun
* Bronson M1928 Gun
* High Tech Disguise
* High Roller Disguise
* Public Enemy Disguise
* Bartoli Custom Gun
* Agency Jagd P22G
* Agency HX UMP
* Agency SPS 12
* Professional Edition
* Game archives are not touched
* The ability to split into 3XDVD5
* It is based on a licensed copy of the game from the new disc, updated Steam on 12/16/2012
* Makc_ar - for providing Steam Profile

Minimum system requirements:
v Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows Vista SP2
v Processor: True dual core CPU (Intel, AMD) or better
v RAM: 2 GB
v Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 5770 or better
v Free hard drive: 30 GB

uploaded.net hpgncvd9/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part13.rar
uploaded.net fckuo3vd/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part14.rar
uploaded.net 1hretqj1/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part15.rar
uploaded.net d3a18jkz/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part12.rar
uploaded.net oy58rdwd/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part11.rar
uploaded.net 6od8knvz/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part16.rar
uploaded.net b2wf8r54/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part07.rar
uploaded.net zo8qbpp0/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part02.rar
uploaded.net ijehmrzj/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part03.rar
uploaded.net x4jtyg6u/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part10.rar
uploaded.net yed0tk78/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part01.rar
uploaded.net 2t0wyayt/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part09.rar
uploaded.net cfku4o0k/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part06.rar
uploaded.net j7n6wwdu/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part04.rar
uploaded.net l6xa63o2/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part05.rar
uploaded.net 6nlyx9vb/Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part08.rar

lumfile.com 3uc6ir7orxfu Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part01.rar.html
lumfile.com t0rgw8no150a Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part02.rar.html
lumfile.com fyruurbjuzsp Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part03.rar.html
lumfile.com vrjf1xbvzkxa Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part04.rar.html
lumfile.com hehiimp2nk2u Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part05.rar.html
lumfile.com ldmjcc53d33f Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part06.rar.html
lumfile.com mf8buviso6va Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part07.rar.html
lumfile.com b3h6grb3jz3v Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part08.rar.html
lumfile.com 2lvkso4o3hgv Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part09.rar.html
lumfile.com j5hjarvswyaq Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part10.rar.html
lumfile.com lunnc8yhy40s Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part11.rar.html
lumfile.com 2xuf70o889kc Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part12.rar.html
lumfile.com c80xy65rb5w7 Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part13.rar.html
lumfile.com o1qy24dnw3wv Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part14.rar.html
lumfile.com 5wjs52sqg2cv Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part15.rar.html
lumfile.com b9jctmyrt78z Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part16.rar.html

ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part01.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part02.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part03.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part04.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part05.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part06.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part07.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part08.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part09.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part10.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part11.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part12.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part13.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part14.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part15.rar
ryushare.com Hitman.Absolution.FeNixx.part16.rar


Hitman: Absolution - Professional Edition + 11 DLC v1.0.444.0 (2012/MULTi8/Repack by Fenixx) Speedy Download

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