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تحميل لعبة Far Cry 3: Deluxe Edition

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Far Cry 3: DeluxeEdition (2012/multi13/RePack by KloneB @ DGuY)
2012 | PC | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft Massive | Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment | 7.93GB
Language: Russian English French German Italian Spanish Portuguese Polish Danish Dutch Norwegian Swedish Czech
Sound language: Russian English French German Italian Spanish
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Ulavny hero, Jason Brody, goes on a vacation with friends at an
extraordinarily beautiful tropical island. And then he is held hostage
by a band of pirates led by a mad killer Vasa. From this point on, your
task - to survive at any cost.
Jason will be embroiled in a bloody war between the pirates and the
local rebels, in which the blood lead and drugs flow like water. Some
psychopaths fighting with others, and soon the protagonist is no longer
able to distinguish the drug from the delusional dream reality. Nutty
island's crazy anyone who sets foot on it, and finally have to go crazy
to stay here. Are you insane?

You will: Open world and exciting plot. An archipelago in the heat of Oceania, open to learning and conquering
Look with your own eyes how easy tourist Brody turns into a ruthless
hunter jungle. Uncover the dark past of the island and its inhabitants,
and find out where you lost your mind, and what lies on the other side
of sanity.
Mysterious island. Explore the islands and down, from the tops of
mountains to sandy beaches and marshes. You have to hunt for exotic
animals, traveling by land, sea and air, and even go through the most
incredible adventure of your life. Scout the mysterious village natives,
find ancient ruins and mysterious artifacts.
Play with friends. four strangers to escape his past, were together in a
wrangle and you have to find and kill the one who stands up for their
misadventures. Select a role: ex-cop, a Russian thief-in-law, a military
doctor or Scottish bandit.

Features repack
Do not recoded
cut soundtrack and redist soft
Any combination of text / voice acting
ability to install patches
unlock bonus content
added cheats [in the folder Bonus ]
the ability to record on 2xDVD5

Additional Information:
Deluxe Edition - includes DLC: The Monkey Business Pack ,
The Lost Expeditions , T He Warrior Pack , The Predator Pack . Important
Saves from previous versions crack can not work! Important: The game
can not start [ black screen ], if it will block
access to the Internet ! Make sure your firewall is not blocking the
game ! Important Option DirectX 9/11 related to the save file !
Save games from 9 version is not suitable for 11 and vice versa! Note: Saving the game is automatic, while
key moments [in the upper right corner there is a butterfly in the form of
pistols]. As there are checkpoints [in effect until you exit the game]!
Tip: Strange glitches like Broken Memories, buggy and mouse

other, sometimes treated by disabling: UAC / DEP / Antivirus / Firewall !
Also helping to run as Administrator + compatibility mode !

Game starts, but he game does not start in the task manager + hanging
process rundll32.exe , try to deactivate your Game Explorer !
[Turn off levels start

through FC3Editor.exe [is in the folder with the game]. Saved games are here:
XP % ALLUSERSPROFILE% \ Application Data \ Orbit \ 46
Vista / 7 % ALLUSERSPROFILE% \ Orbit \ 46
Various buns, lie in the directory with the game in the folder Bonus .

Additional keys settings:
/ S Silent install / uninstall the game [no dialogue]
/ D = path specify a folder to install the game *
* Always prescribe this command only at the end
line! Example: setup.exe / S / D = C: \ Games \ My Game

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6700@2.6 GHz / AMD Athlon64 X2 6000 + @ 3.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Video card: GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB ??/ Radeon HD 2900 PRO 512 MB
Sound Card: c DirectX 9.0c or compatible sound card
Free space: 10.5 GB
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Game on the network: Internet access / LAN [if required]
Secondary: Geympad [if required]
Components: DirectX 9.0c / Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Libraries
Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 / Microsoft. NET Framework 3/5

uploaded.net un4qx54x/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part20.rar
uploaded.net 3ruzvd5w/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part13.rar
uploaded.net crjdqiiy/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part14.rar
uploaded.net lr4fzl95/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part16.rar
uploaded.net lkle3pye/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part21.rar
uploaded.net llea3awf/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part18.rar
uploaded.net g0sv0spq/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part15.rar
uploaded.net e278d9fl/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part12.rar
uploaded.net cls1xok7/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part11.rar
uploaded.net jw61b55x/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part19.rar
uploaded.net 5piabgjv/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part17.rar
uploaded.net v0u6vxo0/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part08.rar
uploaded.net 3lqw9m6v/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part09.rar
uploaded.net hz5ank7x/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part07.rar
uploaded.net wyjr2rkb/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part10.rar
uploaded.net 6mxqgd63/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part06.rar
uploaded.net wa7l1fkt/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part02.rar
uploaded.net mnopkfme/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part05.rar
uploaded.net 9dqv1eam/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part04.rar
uploaded.net zwk762jt/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part03.rar
uploaded.net 2inj3dav/FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part01.rar

lumfile.com 3b3yu8pnfahk FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part01.rar.html
lumfile.com zlfh7du84lmu FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part02.rar.html
lumfile.com 5s9ql05qfzli FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part03.rar.html
lumfile.com zpsxyonoz0r8 FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part04.rar.html
lumfile.com 3vuzifv6iyrj FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part05.rar.html
lumfile.com eo95kzcxt7ss FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part06.rar.html
lumfile.com 6h7whx5ixd57 FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part07.rar.html
lumfile.com gwkv4k9u4toj FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part08.rar.html
lumfile.com 8pdle1rbqlob FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part09.rar.html
lumfile.com hj8de7723gzu FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part10.rar.html
lumfile.com oripm5emnhdq FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part11.rar.html
lumfile.com 977dyvc726em FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part12.rar.html
lumfile.com 73uu02cwtzak FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part13.rar.html
lumfile.com ffcu476oyhhs FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part14.rar.html
lumfile.com h6ltwbvn67qi FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part15.rar.html
lumfile.com bn8fwt1ts2hz FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part16.rar.html
lumfile.com mgtb9fq24b9n FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part17.rar.html
lumfile.com 5ktwfk22f9fq FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part18.rar.html
lumfile.com 1reqn1j6tdcm FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part19.rar.html
lumfile.com lnh5588bkyzx FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part20.rar.html
lumfile.com l6hbclqsqyvd FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part21.rar.html

ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part01.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part02.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part03.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part04.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part05.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part06.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part07.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part08.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part09.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part10.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part11.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part12.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part13.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part14.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part15.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part16.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part17.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part18.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part19.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part20.rar
ryushare.com FarCry.3.KloneB@DGuY.part21.rar


Far Cry 3: Deluxe Edition (2012/multi13/RePack by KloneB @ DGuY) Speedy Download

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