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اليوم اقدم لكم جميع البومات backstreet boys
و الالبومات بال ترتيب :
Backstreet Boys (1996)
| Backstreet's Back (1997)
| Millenium (1999)
| Black & Blue (2000)
| The Hits - Chapter one (2001)
| Never Gone (2005)
| Live & rare

والان نبدأ مع الالبومات بالتفاصيلBackstreet Boys (1996)

01 | We've Got It Goin' On
02 | Get Down (You're The One For Me)
03 | I'll Never Break Your Heart
04 | Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
05 | Boys Will Be Boys
06 | Just To Be Close To You
07 | I Wanna Be With You
08 | Every Time I Close My Eyes
09 | Darlin'
10 | Roll With It

في المرفقات

Backstreet's Back [1997]
+ Remixes

01. Everybody - Backstreet's B
02. As Long As You Love Me
03. All I Have To Give
04. That's The Way I Like It
05. 10,000 Promises
06. Like A Child
07. Hey, Mr Dj (Keep Playin')
08. Everybody (Extended Version)
09. Everybody (Matty's Remix)
10. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
11. If You Want It To Be Good Girl
12. Everybody (Multi-Man Remix)
13. That's What She Said
14. If I Don't Have You
15. Everybody (Max Macario Club Mix)

01. The Call
02. Shape of My Heart
03. Get Another Boyfriend
04. Shining Star
05. I Promise You (With Everything I Am)
06. The Answer to Our Life
07. Everyone
08. More Than That
09. Time
10. Not For Me
11. Yes I Will
12. It's True
13. How Did I Fall in Love With You

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The Hits - Chapter one [2001

01. I Want It That Way
02. Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
03. As Long As You Love Me
04. Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
05. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
06. All I Have To Give
07. Larger Than Life
08. I'll Never Break Your Heart
09. The Call
10. Shape Of My Heart
11. The One
12. More Than That
13. Drowning

Never Gone [2005

01. Incomplete
02. Just Want You To Know
03. Crawling Back To You
04. Weird World
05. I Still...
06. Poster Girl
07. Lose It All
08. Climbing The Walls
09. My Beautiful Woman
10. Safest Place To Hide
11. Siberia
12. Never Gone

Live & Rare

Backstreet Boys - Live
Backstreet Boys - All I Have To Give (acapella)
Backstreet Boys - Lean On Me
Backstreet Boys - Movin On (Bonus Track)
Backstreet Boys - Rush Over Me (Bonus Track)
Backstreet Boys - Song For The Unloved (Bonus Track)
Backstreet Boys vs Spice Girls Megamix
Backstreet Boys - forces of nature
Backstreet Boys - love is
Backstreet Boys - -memories
Backstreet Boys - over her
Backstreet Boys - the unloved
Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way(remix)
Backstreet Boys - missing u
Backstreet Boys - Color my world
Backstreet Boys - 'NSYNC or BSB..
Backstreet Boys - The Call (Remix Feat. Eminem)

BackStreet Boys UnBreakable

Everything But Mine
Something That I Already Know
Helpless When She Smiles
Any Other Way
One In A Million
You Can Let Go
Trouble Is
Treat Me Right
Love Will Keep You Up All Night
Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
In Pieces
Nowhere To Go


Backstreet Boys (1996)
rapidshare.com MaZiKa2daY.CoM_Backstreet_Boys.zip

Backstreet's Back [1997]
+ Remixes
rapidshare.com MaZiKa2daY.CoM_Backstreet_s_Back__1997_.zip

Black & Blue [2000]
rapidshare.com MaZiKa2daY.CoM_Black___Blue.zip

The Hits - Chapter one [2001]
rapidshare.com MaZiKa2daY.CoM_Millenium.zip

Never Gone [2005]
rapidshare.com MaZiKa2daY.CoM_Never_Gone.zip

Live & Rare
rapidshare.com MaZiKa2daY.CoM_The_Backstreet_Boys_-_Live___Rare.part1.rar
rapidshare.com MaZiKa2daY.CoM_The_Backstreet_Boys_-_Live___Rare.part2.rar

BackStreet Boys UnBreakable
pass : aris

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