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أحلى نادي لأحلى أعضاء
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نادي جامعة القاهرة للتعليم المفتوح
hoby ahmed

بعض نماذج اجابات لاسئله المقابله الشخصيه اداب انجليزىاكتب عن شخصيه مهمه role model Naguib Mahfouz is on

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عن شخصيه مهمه role model

Naguib Mahfouz is one of the most important
writers in the world. Most of his master writings were translated in to many languages
and half of novels have been filmed. And his writing affected the cultural life
in Egypt and the Arab world. He wrote more than one hundred short stories and
more than two hundred articles his master writing kasr el shouq,el skarya and
Ben el kasreen .and he won in 1988 the novel prize for literature

اى وظيفه تتمنها فى المستقبل

I would like to be an English teacher.becuse I
love teaching and I love English as well.becuse English has become important to
our life to get a better job. And I want to do something to my community by
educating this language. In one word teaching is a message and great profession

الكميوتر والانترنت

Internet and computer are very important in our
lives. Internet is group of computers are connected to each other. Computer and
internet help us to know many things at home and find many result for our
education and business. We can use the internet at many places such as schools,
offices,etc last but not least internet has made the whole world as as small

ثوره 25 يناير

Egyptians every where were demanding more
freedom and the removal of all government department and the chance of regime
of the country. This revolution started with the page of Khalid said on face
book and ended by bring down regime of Mubarak. it is from from all Egyptian
people young and old, Muslim and Christian, rich and poor they all down the
Mubarak regime. it one word it is
peaceful, unique and amazing revolution started and ended to achieve its goals.
long live Egypt and prayer to our martyrs

وسائل الاعلام

Media is the powerful tool of communication.
it is considered as a mirror of society. there are two kind of media electronic
media and print media.electornic media types are television,cinema,and internet
and it is considered very important
because it can be communicated with a large number of people at the same
time. on the other hand the print media types are newspaper,magzines,etc and it
is very important too.

لو كان بامكانك قضاء سنه مع شخصيه
بازه مع من تحب ان تقضى ولماذا

I would like to spend a year with d.r
amr khaled.becuse he has a a lot of chartable protects that I want participate
in .in addition to that he like people to get better and I want to learn from
him how to be useful for my community and help Egyptian people to be better .in
one word he is a respectectful,honorable and good image to Egypt

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Naguib Mahfouz, a name that has been tied to greatness. Mahfouz is an Egyptian legend in the world of literature. His work has shown the world that Egypt has always been a kingdom, a kingdom of consciousness.
His work has been translated to many other languages, including English and French. Critics all over the world have agreed that Mahfouz is one of the most renowned writers in the world. He won the Nobel Prize.
دي حاجة سريعة كدا بس انا مش عارف عنه معلومات حالية في دماغي لو حد يضيف حاجة يبقي رائع

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